Do What You Don't Hate, Part I

        Over the last week or so, I've read and heard a few great ideas that really crystallize what I think is the most obvious and actionable plan to be successful in life. Have I got your attention? I know, everyone says that, right? Everyone's got it figured out, everyone's got the angle. Here's the thing, I think that's actually true. I don't think it's an innate thing, like I don't think it's a "we're all born with it inside of us" type thing, but I think as a result of this technology induced collective conscious-like influenced environment we're living in, we've all picked up on it, but we don't want to admit that it's as simple as we suspect, nor do we want to acknowledge the "simple, not easy" nature of the plan. Alright, alright, I'm getting to the details...

        The first of these ideas comes from the above presented episode of the JRE, jump ahead to about 1:42:00, the part where Joe wraps up and asks Garyvee for some advice. There's a specific thing he says, which I absolutely love:
"...people should not listen to american propaganda of fixing the shit they suck at, they should be tripling down at what they're good at."
        Now, I'm not anti-american, not going to get into politics, nationalism, any of that garbage here, if you want that, just read your freakin' facebook feed and you'll get the firehose of that, but you gotta admit, we do have some weird ideas here in america about how to be as people. Good or bad, not really the point, just an observation. But the above quote really does, at least to me, highlight this weird rabbit hole that people tend to let themselves get sucked down, and I think in some cases end up using as a crutch, or at best, this weird safety net/security blanket, and at worst, a total deterrent/excuse. We've all at some point gotten caught up in this...well, myth is a strong word, but I'm going to say myth, of being a "complete" person, but honestly, some things we can't fix by ourselves, some things we can't fix without putting other things on hold, and some things...maybe we just can't fix.

        I'm not saying walk around all busted up, or use "being broken" as an excuse for poor behavior, what I'm saying is focus and prioritize. Fix the things you need to fix to do the things you're going to do, but also, don't be afraid to say "Well, the RoI on fixing this just isn't worth it (at least, not right now)." That part requires some planning and commitment, but you should be doing that anyway. The real scary part of this something else Gary says as part of the above quote, that is "figure out who you are." What REALLY matters to you? And lest you think I'm just pointing fingers, I'll use a pretty personal example from myself:
I'm currently single, and am going to stay that way for the foreseeable future. This is entirely by choice, so don't take this as some "woe is me" kinda thing. The truth is, after some intense self-examination and some long, hard, honest looks at why my past relationships have failed, I realize there are some things about myself in relationships that are pretty broken and I'd need to spend some serious time and energy fixing those before I could really even have a shot at a successful relationship. BUT...right now, the RoI on that just isn't high enough, given the things I'm trying to do with my life.
        Honest enough for you? And I know, some of you will say that I'm just afraid of rejection and being hurt, and I'm bitter, and all that other such silliness, but there's more of that propaganda Gary's talking about, this idea that being in a serious relationship is some basic human tenet, and that you're horribly broken if you can't do that...well...yeah. That being broken part, that's kinda what I just said. Truth is, things take time and energy, and we only have finite amounts of both. Decide where yours is going to go, me? I'm not anti-relationships, in fact, I think they're wonderful things, but they both require and deserve copious amounts of time and energy, and right now, mine is going elsewhere. My point is not to go deep into my stance on relationships or anything, it's just the most obvious example rght now. ANYHOO...I'm going to get back to the other blog post I took a break from to write this one, but stay tuned for Part 2 of this, because that's my favorite part...