Epic Struggles or Otherwise

        One of the things we all hear about being "successful" or otherwise getting to where we want to be is that it comes with struggle, whether it's that whole hitting rock bottom and clawing your way back to the top, letting go of deeply seated "truths" and fears, or the struggle to figure out who we really are and what's REALLY important to us, outside of societal, familial, and other, expectations. Whatever it is, it's always an epic, transformational, life and death battle to wrest one's self from the jaws of TOTAL HELL, and only at the end, battered, bloodied, and completely broken do we hoist the trophy of our success, whatever that is, and not a minute before!

        So that's all well and good, but I sorta wonder if that's always the case. I think that one of the things that makes people throw their hands up and say "Fuck it, I'm happy enough, I'll just stay here on the couch until I have to go do the things I guess I'm ok doing because they make me happy enough," is that idea that every step along the way is going to be a brutal, torturous, effort that comes only at the cost of...ok, ok, you get my point, and sure, the "enlightened" among us will say, "Welp, sorry bro, that's just how it is, and that's just how it's going to be until you decide you're successful enough, but hey, enjoy the journey/process/etc..," and all other such platitudes that modern self-help has inundated us with, but I'm not sure that's actually helping...

        I offer an alternative, if perhaps slightly skewed take on this whole thing. And this isn't me saying "Yeah, my life is so easy, and everything is just falling into place and coming up roses, you're obviously doing something wrong,", instead, I hope it comes off as more of a "Yes, it's going to suck sometimes, but the struggle isn't always this epic, K2 type obstacle that's going to kill you if you fail, so calm down and just go with the (Animal) flow, k?". As most of you know, I'm currently on my educational path to do something fitness industry related in the next few years, whether it's coaching/personal training, workshop providing, or maybe something I just come up with along the way, but I'm also working a full-time job, some side projects, and as well, I need to train myself at the very least, whether it's traditional gym training, martial arts/MMA, or just moving around. See, already, I imagine you're reading this and saying, "Big deal, I have that or some variation on that." Good! Because that's the point! People are always saying to me things to the effect of, "Man, I don't know how you do it all," but I posit that if they take a look at their own life, they probably do just as much!

        Here's a specific look at a day in the life, which is something I get asked for all the time anyway, just in slightly different contexts, I suppose:

  • ~4:00: Open my eyes
  • 4:30: Alarm goes off, I start moving (usually not very far, just into a sitting position with my laptop near)
  • 5:00: Start reading or writing, depending on what the day's focus is. I may have a writing assignment to work on, blog posts to read, or test material to study.
  • ~7:00: Pack my bag, read the bus schedule, decide which bus I'm going to catch.
  • 7:30-8:30 Start my work commute.
  • 9:30-17:00/18:00 Work (don't get me wrong, love my dayjob!).
  • 17:30 Start my home commute.
  • ~18:15 Hit the gym, say hit to all the trainers, cuz they're cool.
  • ~20:00 Leave the gym, head to dinner spot.
  • ~20:30 Eat dinner, head to evening work spot or home.
  • ~21:00 Start reading, writing, or working on other project, depending on what the day's focus is.
  • ~23:00 Sleep! May actually be as late as midnight.

  •         There it is, pretty straightforward, and I hope the point comes across that, yeah, sure I have a struggle, but it's not this dark, epic, war, I mean, really my specific struggle is I'd like a little more sleep, or I'd like to be able to workout in the morning so I could hit the mats at night every day. But I don't ever feel like "Man, I'm just not struggling hard enough, there's no way I'm going to be successful at all these things I'm trying to do because it's just NOT HARD ENOUGH!" Ultimately I guess what I'm saying is, be really careful about getting sucked into that mindset of not suffering enough, not going through enough of a struggle, not "working hard enough." Chances are you might be, chances are, you're probably doing everything you need to do if you've been careful in your planning and honest in your expectations (whih is a whole other blog post, but i'm sure we'll talk about that...). So stay the course, forget the hype, and stay on your grind, however epic or...un-epic(?) it might seem.