Having Time, Making Time, Taking Time

...the time has come and so have I

        Alright, forgive the header image, but I needed something even remotely theme appropriate, ok, really I just panicked and said, I need something related to time! ...and that's where my head went, should tell you all you need to know about me, although if you get the reference, you can't judge...and we just became best friends. Anyway, a little bloglet this week, tune in next week for another Seminar Review! Which one? You'll have to check back, sorry, no spoilers!!

        As you might have seen yesterday, I went ahead and jumped into the Precision Nutrition Level 1 cohort for April just because I knew I wanted to do it and I didn't want to miss out. I'm not sure how accurate the reported numbers for the pre-sale list were, but I figure I'm not the only person that's been following Dr. Berardi's work for the last ten or eleven years, and having lived through the "pain" of getting an auction sniped on eBay (or sitting up waiting for eyeo festival tickets), I figured the waiting was something I could skip this time around. Once again, being pro-active wins the day!

        To be clear, this is something I've been planning for a while, in fact, the back half of this year I'm going to cut back on weekend seminars so I can stay closer to the "office" and work on more directed study type courses, well, front half too, as I'm going to start prepping for my CFSC in August in the next couple of weeks. So no shocker for me there, actually the timing is perfect as I'm winding down a non-fitness project. Point being, I made a comment on facebook about not having time, which led to a bit of thinking about having time, making time, and taking time. At this point, this kinda turns into a weird almost-rant-on-semantics, but you may find it a useful thought exercise for yourself...Also, I'm not trying to justify, defend, or otherwise misdirect about my statement, this is just how I think, for those of you who might be interested.

how busy am I really..?

        It's probably no secret that I'm the first person to call people out, directly or indirectly (mostly indirectly because I'm kind of a wuss and I hate most confrontation that doesn't involve pads or mats) about time usage and management, so it was kinda cool to be taken a bit to task for "not having" vs "not making" time (thanks, Travis!). And so I thought to myself,
"Self, am I really just not willing to make the time, or can I legitimately say I don't have time, that is, I'm actually OUT OF TIME (perish the thought). And if the latter, how is that, and what's my criteria? Because that definitely will have to bring a shift in thinking...*gasp* I may have to climb down off my high horse!! NOOOOO!!!"
        Really, that's the conversation I had in my head (not really), well at least the part about a shift in thinking. Here's the thing, you can always MAKE time, the weighty point is whether it's time you HAVE or time you TAKE. I'll step down a bit and admit that now that I've given things a thorough thinking through, yes, it's possible that you might actually not "have" time. To me, time I have is time outside of my paid day job. Time I "take" is time that I allot within the remaining hours to do other things, based on priority. Time I make, then, is time that I have to take from time I've already allotted, which, as you can probably imagine, means de-prioritizing some activities and re-prioritizing others.

        When you look at it like that, you can sorta see how you might actually not "have" time. At some point, there's really no more time to take from, and hey, that's a hugely sobering realization for me! I think this is actually the first time in my life where I can honestly say "I don't have anymore time to take, nor do I have anything I'm willing to de-prioritize to make some time." I've always held to the somewhat naive line of thinking that you can always make time, but I'll admit now that yeah, it might not be easy, and hey, it might also not be possible. I think the specific example I used was cooking vs eating out all the time, but when it boils down to it, eating out, at least the way I do it, is rather inexpensive, and it's certainly the least time consuming of the two options. I think I've alluded to this with other things, dating and relationships, hanging out with friends, etc. It's really what's important to you at your current life juncture.

        This obviously isn't ideal, and I'll admit to having a silly fantasy of finding a genie in a lamp and asking him for more hours in the day each wish. Even now, some of my practices have suffered (martial arts especially) because if it's between going to class every night or taking that time to work on assignments, study for tests, or work on other coaching and personal training related points, well...you can probably guess which takes priority right now. And sometimes, doing both isn't an option...as I mentioned, sometimes, there just isn't anymore time to make or take, unless you don't want to sleep. Which I don't do too much of these days either! I'm not telling a sob story, by the way, as I mentioned a while back, I'm probably happier right now than I'm ever been, but yeah, I'm also legitimately busier than I've ever been too! Like I said, it's about what's important at your current life point, and that's actually the real hard part, that is, being honest with yourself about what that is. Once you get past that, the rest is easy. Like all of life, do the hard stuff up front and everything else'll be considerably less so, though probably never easy!

...and sometimes, yeah, you might feel like this guy.
Tough it out, it's worth it!