Seminar Review: Box 'N' Burn Academy Level II

        First up, if you're curious about my thoughts about Box 'N' Burn Academy Level I or the BNB in general, take a look at this article I penned (keyed?) for the Box 'N' Burn Academy Blog. That's definitely a good overview, but for the Level II, I wanted to take a much closer look, because the Level II certainly is a much deeper dive into the Box 'N' Burn Academy process and philosophy. But first, I'll save you the need to jump to the end of the article, for those of you on a tight schedule:
TL;DR: If you've taken the Box 'N' Burn Academy Level I Certification, consider the Level II a requirement! While the Level I is a very complete and well thought-out course in-and-of itself, the Level II will give you some new tools and ideas that are essential to being able to fully understand and apply the Box'N'Burn Academy principles to your own training and coaching.
        Alright, that aside, let's get to the meat and potatoes, or meat and rice, or meat and avocado butter and blue cheese if you're keto, and talk some details. One way to think about the Level II is to look at Level I as a framework or foundation for the Box'N'Burn Academy principles, then look at Level II as filling in the framework and not just building upon the foundation, but expanding it as well.

        Or to put it in general training terms, if Level I is a hip hinge and basic movements like a deadlift, Level II is all the cool, complex movements that come from the hip hinge, like a rotational kettlebell clean to bent press (one of my favorites!), and how to go from simple to complex, and back again.

        OR to put it ONE MORE way, in the Level II, you'll learn more advanced movements and punches, how they connect back to the movements from Level I, and how to integrate the Level I and Level II curricula into a cohesive set of boxing combinations that flow well AND provide a workout for you and/or your clients that's both physically challenging and mentally engaging...and also fun. Incredibly fun. Like, make your clients (or yourself!) feel like HBO Boxing Main Event fun.

        So, cool, but you're probably wondering what to expect from the actual course and how to prepare, right? SPOILER ALERT: It's Awesome, probably one of the best designed and executed courses I've ever taken (and I've taken...a few). That said, and not to scare anyone off, this is a very demanding course, both physically and mentally! I'm definitely not saying that you'll need to go through a six month preparation program, but take some time and re-familiarize yourself with all the Level I Curriculum, especially the footwork and defense (rolling). Work that hip, shoulder, and t-spine mobility and knock the rust off of your rolls, you'll need 'em all.

        Second, put a bit of extra focus into your catching! It's fair to say that in Level I, we're all familiarizing ourselves with different basic tenets of a new practice, for some of us it's boxing, for some of us, it's coaching, and for all of us, it's probably coaching boxing! By the time we get to Level II, however, we should be ready to fully assume the mantle of Certified Boxing Trainer, which means catching the combos seamlessly. Should go without saying, but the last thing you want to do is make a confusing call that then becomes hard to catch because you and your partner are trying to work it out in your heads and you both come to different conclusions! TRAINWRECK!!!

        I kid of course, but you get the point. Learning how to put together combos that "flow" is a big part of the Level II curriculum; you'll find that it gets very easy to put together some badass, Street Figher-esque combos, and you shouldn't be afraid to do that! As Kevan said, if you're not trying to teach someone combat sports or strategies for the ring, have some fun and get a little crazy! Corollary to that, since you'll be learning more movements and how to put together longer combos, you'll also be learning some ideas and tips to make your call-outs smoother, so get comfortable making call-outs a regular part of your practice by calling out every combo every time when you're practicing, even if you're just working the bag. This was actually one of the parts of the course that made me think, "Wow, these guys really know their stuff," so say it loud and say it proud!

Yup, Level II is almost exactly like this...

        To sum up and tie everything together:
  • Make sure your own training is on point in general so you can show up to the course prepared for physically and mentally challenging (but fun!) day
  • Focus particularly on the Level I defense and footwork and work on your mobility, as footwork plays a bigger role and you'll be learning new defense moves
  • Practice both your catching and calling
  • Start (or continue) developing your creativity in putting together boxing combos and think outside!

        Honestly, there are so many more good things I could say about the course, the Box 'N' Burn Gym, and all the coaches and Certified Trainers I've gotten to work with, so if you have a specific question, please feel free to hit me up, I'm always down to talk! If I've convinced you to learn more, or even sign up for the next upcoming course, head over to the website, subscribe to their YouTube, and check out a few more thoughts, straight from the guys themselves. FYI, there's a back-to-back Level I and II course offering out at the Onnit Academy in June. Both courses AND a trip to one of the best gyms in the country? Yes, Please, but definitely sign up now, because I can guarantee they WILL sell out quickly!

Thanks Guys, it was Awesome!